Laser tattoo removal by In HIS Image Day Spa

We are the leading provider of laser tattoo removal in Marietta, Georgia, offering our patients the opportunity to remove unwanted tattoos through a quick and affordable set of treatments.  

Almost 25% of all Americans have a tattoo, with almost 50% of 20-29 year olds and 35% of 30-39 year old owning body art.  For many people, these tattoos don't meet their needs anymore.  Whether your tattoo is limiting your clothing options, presents a name or message you don't want to be associated it, or any other reason, we have a solution.  

Laser tattoo removal is the ONLY proven, effective, and safe way to remove a tattoo.  In our Marietta laser tattoo removal clinic we've helped your neighbors and friends to fade and completely remove tattoos without scarring and only minor, temporary side effects.  By using the world's most advanced tattoo removal laser, we can remove all colors of tattoos, including the blue and green tattoos that only Atlanta tattoo removal clinics can't effectively treatment.  Our commitment to a superior q-switched Nd:YAG and Ruby laser gives our patients the ability to remove any tattoos with the least possibly number of treatments.  


We now offer the advanced R20 tattoo removal method!  A recently research approach to laser tattoo removal, the R20 method offers a way to more quickly remove a tattoo.  By offering multiple treatments in the same office visit, we are able to decrease the amount of time you may have your tattoo.  Please ask our knowledable staff about this exciting new technique that we are one of the leading new providers of!

Under the supervision of Dr. Amy Holland, the staff of In HIS Image Day Spa can make your unwanted tattoo a thing of the past.  For most patients a series of quick laser treatments spaced 4 to 6 weeks apart will be necessary.  We offer a free, no-obligation consultation to all new patients, and accommodate your busy schedule.  

Please call the Atlanta tattoo removal and Marietta tattoo removal experts at In HIS Image Day Spa at 770-422-0047 or fill out our simple contact form to get in touch with us.